In search of eastern sedge frogs

Combined field trips in search of lizards and frogs are always equally fun and challenging because of the intense fieldwork during both day and night. However, the ABG overcame this challenge during our recent field trip to NSW in November.

As a part of an ongoing project on the communication behaviour of the Eastern Sedge frog, Litoria fallax, we are interested in finding out whether there is geographical variation in the calling behaviour of the species. This is important because studies have shown that there are genetically distinct populations of L. fallax along their broad distribution through the east coast of Australia.

This time we recorded the acoustic signalling behaviour in several populations of the focal species in Grafton, Newcastle and Wollongong. Favourable weather conditions aided in collecting data successfully, and despite aggressive mosquito attacks, we were able to enjoy the orchestral performances of this little frog. Further fieldwork will be undertaken in other parts of its distribution in Queensland and Victoria, during the upcoming months.