Community outreach: Ecuador

The image below is of a infographic prepared for station managers at the El Gullan Station located in the community of La Paz in the south of Ecuador. The poster summarises research undertaken by Estefany Guerra Correa before she joined the ABG.

Content of the poster can be translated below:

Stenocercus lizards, also known as whorltail iguanas, are ectotherms that regulate their body temperature in accordance with environmental conditions and are widely distributed in South America. In the Ecuadorian Andes, a study reported that two Stenocercus species use refugees (as rocks, trunks and agaves) and exploit different microhabitats on the day as strategies to avoid overheating

Estefany’s work was published in the international journal PLoS One:

Guerra-Correa, ES, Merino-Viteri, A, Andrango MB & Torres-Carvajal, O. (2020) Thermal biology of two tropical lizards from the Ecuadorian Andes and their vulnerability to climate change. PLoS One. 15, 1-12.