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La Trobe University | Melbourne (Australia)

Research in the Animal Behaviour Group (ABG) covers broad interests in animal behaviour, with both theoretical and applied benefits. Particular attention is paid to the evolution of animal signals in the light of sensory system function and evolutionary processes covering vibratory, acoustic and movement-based visual signals.

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The ABG has worked on 3 continents and studied 50+ species. Here is a taste of some of them …

  • West MacDonnell Ranges National Park
    West MacDonnell Ranges National Park
    Northern Territory
  • <em data-recalc-dims=Gowidon longirostris"/>
    Gowidon longirostris
    Northern Territory
  • Flinders Ranges (top) Parachilna Gorge (bottom)
    Flinders Ranges (top) Parachilna Gorge (bottom)
    South Australia
  • <em data-recalc-dims= Ctenophorus decresii "/>
    Ctenophorus decresii
    South Australia
  • <em data-recalc-dims= Ctenophorus vadnappa "/>
    Ctenophorus vadnappa
    South Australia
  • Gawler Ranges
    Gawler Ranges
    South Australia
  • <em data-recalc-dims= Ctenophorus fionni "/>
    Ctenophorus fionni
    South Australia
  • Ngarkat Conservation Reserve
    Ngarkat Conservation Reserve
    South Australia
  • <em data-recalc-dims=Ctenophorus pictus"/>
    Ctenophorus pictus
    Victoria, South Australia
  • Murray Sunset National Park
    Murray Sunset National Park
  • <em data-recalc-dims= Ctenophorus fordi"/>
    Ctenophorus fordi
    Victoria, South Australia
  • Fowlers Gap Research Station
    Fowlers Gap Research Station
    New South Wales
  • Zebra finches
    Zebra finches
    Victoria, New South Wales
  • Thornbills and fairy wrens
    Thornbills and fairy wrens
    (clockwise from top-left): chestnut-rumped thornbill, White winged fairy wren, superb fairy wren, yellow-rumped thornbill
  • Croajingalong National Park
    Croajingalong National Park
  • <em data-recalc-dims=Amhibolurus muricatus"/>
    Amhibolurus muricatus
  • Palenque
    Los Rios province - Western Ecuador
  • <em data-recalc-dims=Anolis parvauritus"/>
    Anolis parvauritus
    Palenque - Western Ecuador
  • Buenaventura
    El Oro province - Western Ecuador
  • Otonga
    Cotopaxi province - Western Ecuador
  • <em data-recalc-dims=Anolis gemmosus"/>
    Anolis gemmosus
  • <em data-recalc-dims=Anolis gemmosus "/>
    Anolis gemmosus
  • <em data-recalc-dims=Anolis gemmosus "/>
    Anolis gemmosus
  • <em data-recalc-dims=Anolis fasciatus "/>
    Anolis fasciatus
  • <em data-recalc-dims=Anolis princeps "/>
    Anolis princeps
    Palenque - Western Ecuador
  • Sumaco
    Napo province - Eastern Ecuador
  • <em data-recalc-dims=Anolis scypheus"/>
    Anolis scypheus
    Eastern Ecuador (Yasuni)
  • <em data-recalc-dims=Anolis fitchi"/>
    Anolis fitchi
    Eastern Ecuador (Napo)
  • Yasuni National Park
    Yasuni National Park
    Francisco del Orellana province - Eastern Ecuador
  • <em data-recalc-dims=Anolis ortonii"/>
    Anolis ortonii
    Eastern Ecuador (Yasuni)
  • Xiamen Conservation Station (China)
    Xiamen Conservation Station (China)
    Zoige Wetland Nature Reserve (China)
  • Zoige Wetland Nature Reserve
    Zoige Wetland Nature Reserve
  • Phrynocephalus vlangalii
    Phrynocephalus vlangalii

Please contact Richard Peters if you are interested in joining the lab at Undergraduate Honours, Postgraduate or Postdoctoral level – richard.peters@latrobe.edu.au.