Dancing frogs

In this project, we aim to examine the multimodal communication of an Australian anuran species, Litoria fallax (the eastern sedge frog). The broad geographical distribution from tropical north to the cool temperate region of our focal species provides the opportunity to study signalling in different environments, where there might be relevant differences in life history traits. The data we collect will enhance our knowledge on the effects of climate variation on amphibian behaviour and assists with future conservation efforts. Litoria fallax is a small slender frog, naturally distributed from northern Queensland to southern New South Wales along the east coast and adjacent regions. However, some populations have been established recently in Melbourne, which is well south of their natural range, due to accidental translocation. These frogs combine visual signals with acoustic calls. Although the visual signalling of Litoria fallax has been described qualitatively in the past, it has not been thoroughly quantified.