Zebra finch antipredator behaviour

The zebra finch is a native Australian passerine used as a model species in studies worldwide and spanning a range of disciplines. In Australia, the zebra finch is found throughout most of the mainland, including the harshest desert environments, feeding almost exclusively on the seeds of grasses foraged from the ground. This species is the most studied bird in Australia, and the second-most studied bird globally. However, despite all that is known about the behaviour and vocalisations of the zebra finch, questions remain about the anti-predator behaviour of this species. The lack of information available about the anti-predator behaviour of this well-known species warrants further investigation. It is surprising that there is currently no record of the zebra finch possessing a distinct alarm call to communicate warnings to adult conspecifics, especially when this information has been documented for numerous lesser-known species. The zebra finch is vocal, gregarious and vulnerable to predation, so it is reasonable to expect that they would alarm call. The absence of detail about anti-predator communication is a large gap in our knowledge of this model species.