ABG Alumni

PhD Students

Dr Andrea Narvaez (2017)
Processes influencing community structure in Anolis lizards (Dactyloidae) from Ecuador


Dr Jose Ramos (2016)
Dragon Wars: relating signal structure and habitat characteristics in Australian Agamid lizards
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Dr Nicole Butler (2016)
Comparing the Anti-Predator Behaviour of Australian Arid-Zone Birds with a Model Species, The Zebra Finch


Research Assistants

Juan Hernandez
Video analysis, general handyman and self-appointed lizard catching expert


Undergraduate Honours Students

Erin Bouckley
Honours Student
Ecology and behaviour of Victorian riparian wolf spiders (Family: Lycosidae)


Jon Salisbury
Structure and function of jacky lizard body patterns and markings


Lydia Rehnberg
Environmental enrichment methods to reduce stress levels of domestic cats held in restricted environments

Katy Weller
Influence of predators on the signalling behaviour of Jacky lizards (Amphibolurus muricatus)

Christine Giuliano
Alarm calling in Zebra Finches (Taeniopygia guttata)


Emma Birnbaum
The effects of abiotic factors on jumping behaviour in the ant Myrmecia croslandi.


Undergraduate Students

Angela Simms
Do veiled chameleons (Chameleo calyptratus) use motion masquerade?